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"Quality is remembered much longer than price"
Our mission
„We are here to provide professional IT solutions supported by many years of experience and high competences.” - Łukasz
„We operate with passion, constantly developing, to contribute to development of IT in Europe, through joint commitment.” - Szymon
„Customer satisfaction is our priority, which is why we make every effort to ensure that our meetings result in long-term partnership.” - Adam
Our values
We make every effort at every stage of service, from the quality of the products themselves, through consultancy, to the implementation of your order.
We are passionate and want to share our experience with you.
We know what we do and we are happy to share this knowledge, so you can count on our professional advice.
We care about building long-term relationships, your satisfaction is the most important to us.
We’re open to innovation and focused on customer satisfaction, that’s why we approach each one individually.
About us
ESUS IT is not an ordinary online store. From the very beginning, our goal was to create a place where our partners can find not only a product, but also technical support. We are here to help you solve problems, and our extensive knowledge in the field of semiconductors allows us to find the optimal solution for the client. We do not operate on the basis of patterns, but try to approach the matter individually each time. We know how to ask and what to ask to understand the client's needs. We take responsibility for our advice with all the consequences, which is why many of our partners trust us every day.
Our company was founded in 2008 for customers looking for server memories. RAM memories are the foundation of our development and this was the first area in which we specialized. The ESUS IT company was founded in response to the needs of our customers, who often struggled to find "compatible memory" for a given server model, workstation, laptop or APPLE computers. Our goal was to become a leader in the sale of RAM modules in our region. From the perspective of many years and experience, we can clearly communicate that we have managed to create a unique company in Europe. The knowledge and experience of our employees in the field of RAM distinguishes us from other companies. Constant development and a broad view of the needs of our clients allows us to implement unusual solutions for which we take full responsibility.
The next step in our history was to expand our offer with SSD and HDD drives. Customers expected more than just RAM. Discs were a natural step in the development of the offer, which is constantly being expanded. Then we introduced processors in various versions, storage solutions for data storage/archiving and devices for emergency power supply. We are a company that listens to its business partners and that is why we have included network products in our offer. Our goal is to expand the dedicated offer. We implement a solution in which the customer, not knowing what he needs, after entering the device model, will be able to find the necessary components himself.
We systematically update our product offer in line with the current trends and needs of our partners. We actively operate on foreign markets, and our sales in Europe are constantly growing. Our passion, knowledge and commitment result in gaining the trust of an increasing number of customers in the country and abroad.
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